PONTjó Apartman


Address: 54 Szilágyi D. street, Miskolc, 3529

NTAK registration number: MA22046473


Dear Guests!


By entering the area of the PONTjó Apartman house and using our services, you accept the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy contained therein

Contracting party

If the Guest places the order for the reservation of the apartment directly with the Accommodation Provider, the Guest is the Contracting Party. The Accommodation Provider and the Guest jointly become contractual parties if the core conditions are met.

General rules

The present document regulates the use of the Service Provider’s accommodation.

Procedure and conditions of using the service:

Before arrival, guests must prove their identity in accordance with the legal regulations before occupying the room. No one is allowed to stay in the apartment building without notifying the accommodation provider. The presentation of an identity document (identity card or driver’s license and residential address card, or passport in the case of non-Hungarian citizens) is a contractual condition deemed essential for entering the apartment building. In the case of stateless persons and non-EU citizens, the presentation and handing over of the stateless identity card or passport is mandated by law. The service provider is entitled to make copies of the presented documents in compliance with the data protection rules. In the absence of a document prooving the guest’s identity, the apartment house may deny the guest’s request for accommodation.

According to current legislation in effect from 1 September 2021, our apartment is obliged to record the personal data (as defined by law) of all guests who use the accommodation service in accommodation management software through a document reader, and then transfer this data to a storage location called the Guest Information Closed Database (VIZA). The data to be recorded is: surname and first name; surname and first name at birth; place of birth; date of birth; gender; nationality; mother’s surname and first name at birth (if included in the identification document); identification details of the personal identification or travel document; in the case of a third-country national, the visa or residence permit number, the date and place of entry. In order to record the data before arrival, all persons using accommodation services (from the age of 0) must present their identification card, driver’s license or travel document to the accommodation provider online. If the document is not presented, the apartment is obliged to deny the accommodation service. Based on the authorization of the legislation, as an accommodation provider, the apartment is entitled and obliged to request the identity document of each guest and the guest is obliged to present it.

Establishing the contract, the booking process

The Accommodation Provider sends the Guest an offer in reply to the Guest’s request made in a written format or by using the booking calendar on the website.

The contract – order – is finalized when the Guest transfers the amount included in the offer confirmed by the Service Provider to the Service Provider’s bank account.

If a specific order is not placed within 24 hours of sending the offer, the Accommodation Provider’s obligation to make an offer ceases.

Minimum booking time is 2 nights

The apartment does not accomodate more guests than the number of beds. If you bring more guests than stated in the confirmation, the reservation will be canceled and the accommodation fee will not be refunded!

A condition of using the accommodation service is that the Guests prove their identity in accordance with the legal regulations before occupying the apartments. No one can stay in the apartment without written notification to the Service Provider.

Conditions of cancelling or modifying a booking

We only accept cancellations in a written format!

Unless other conditions have been specified in the accommodation offer, the conditions of cancellation and modification are as follows:
No later than 7 days before the planned arrival: free of charge
Within 7 days before the planned arrival, or in case of no-show: the first night’s accommodation fee must be paid.

If the contracting party does not arrive by 8 PM on the day of check-in and does not indicate this either in writing or by phone, the service provider’s service obligation will cease

In the event of early departure, the accommodation fee will not be refunded!


The current prices of the apartments can be viewed on the website: pontjoapartman.hu

The prices do not include the Tourist Tax (IFA) HUF 450/person/night from 18 years of age.

The Tourist Tax must be paid on arrival in cash (bank card payment is not possible).


As described in the written offer sent by the Accommodation Provider.

Arrival and departure

Since the apartment building does not have a reception with permanent opening hours, the accommodation can be occupied on the day of arrival between 15:00 PM and 20:00 PM and must be vacated by 11:00 AM in the morning on the last day of your stay.

Early arrival, later departure

Earlier arrival or later departure can be requested for an extra charge, depending on availability. Only based on prior arrangement.

If the Guest does not check out of the apartment by 11.30 AM on the day of the registered departure and the Service Provider has not previously approved the extension of the stay, the Service Provider is entitled to bill the Guest for another night and, at the same time, the Service Provider’s service obligation ceases.

Extending the reservation

The extension of the use of the apartment initiated by the Guest requires the prior consent of the Service Provider and is only possible upon paying the full price of the additional service.


No pets are allowed.

The Service Provider is entitled to terminate the agreement for accommodation services with immediate effect, thus refusing to provide the services, if:

– the Guest does not use the apartment or the facility as intended

– the Guest does not comply with the safety regulations and rules of the accommodation, behaves in an objectionably rude manner, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, exhibits threatening, insulting or other unacceptable behavior, is loud.

– the Guest suffers from an infectious disease

– the Contracting Party does not fulfill the payment obligations specified in the Contract by the specified date, e.g. extended reservation, damages resulting from vandalism.

If the Agreement between the parties is terminated for „force majeure” reasons, the agreement shall be considered terminated at the same time as „force majeure” occurs.

Wi-fi service:

The apartment building has a Wi-Fi system, which is free to use.The guest receives the password for the Wi-Fi connection when checking in to the apartment. The Apartment House is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to the Guest’s device or its contents during or as a result of Wi-Fi use.

The Guest uses the service at their own risk.                                          

Obligations of the Contracting Party

The Guest is obliged to settle the price of the services ordered in the Contract by the date and in the manner specified in the Contract.

The Guest is obliged to comply with the house rules of the apartment, to use the building and its immediate surroundings as intended and without unnecessarily disturbing other guests!

In order not to disturb other guests, it is forbidden to make excessive noise inside the apartments and on the terraces, including loud music inside the rooms, as well as loud music, shouting and partying in the communal areas.

The Guest ensures that children under the age of 14 under their responsibility are under the supervision of an adult when staying in the apartment building and its separate facilities, such as the sauna house and the yard. If the child is alone in the apartment, any accidents or injuries affecting physical health are the parent’s responsibility.

All Guests may stay in their apartment at their own risk, observing the safety and general regulations regarding property protection, fire protection and the rules of the House.

The consent of the Service Provider must be obtained before using those electrical devices brought to the accommodation by the Guests which are outside of the usual travel needs.

Please dispose of the garbage in the bins located in the complex and in the rooms.

It is forbidden to remove or move furniture from the room or the building.

The guest may use the tools and equipment of the apartment complex at their own risk, subject to mandatory compliance with the supplied user instructions.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in the apartments including the staircase and the sauna house!

In our apartments with a terrace, smoking is allowed on the terrace.

Based on Act XLII of 1999 on the protection of non-smokers, pursuant to the implementation of the law, from January 1, 2012, the accommodation is a non-smoking establishment. Pursuant to this, smoking is prohibited in closed rooms (including guest rooms) and communal areas of the accommodation, except in designated areas. If, due to the illegal behavior of any guest or other person staying on the premises of the accommodation, the Accommodation Provider is fined by the competent authority based on the referenced legislation, the Accommodation Provider reserves the right to pass on the amount of the fine to the person exhibiting the illegal behavior, or to demand them to pay it.

In the event of smoking in the room, we charge an extra cleaning fee of HUF 20,000.

It is forbidden to light a fire and an open flame in the area of the apartment building!

In the event of a fire, please notify the fire department by calling 105 or 112, or the service provider or apartment owner immediately.
Fireworks brought by the Guest and other activities subject to authorization are not permitted in the Apartment area!

Prohibited items in the apartment area:

  • Substances classified as corrosive or flammable chemicals or substances in current legislation
  • Substances classified as flammable and/or explosive in current legislation
  • Particularly expensive and valuable items, art treasures, museum objects,
  • Fireworks, firecrackers, their parts and components,
  • Waste, anything harmful to the environment and health,
  • Psychotropic substances,
  • Firearms, ammunition.
  • If the guest bring forbidden items/substances without the apartment house’s prior written permission, the apartment house can remove them or have them removed at the guest’s expense.
  • The apartment house is not responsible for any damage to items brought to its area without permission.
  • The guest bears full legal and financial responsibility for all damage and injury caused by items brought in without permission to other guests, third parties or the apartment building.

The Contracting Party’s liability for damages

Upon departure, they must hand over the accommodation in the same condition as when they arrived: tidy and undamaged.

The Guest is responsible for all damages and disadvantages suffered by the Accommodation Provider or a third party due to the fault of the Guest or his/her companion, child or other persons under his/her responsibility.

The guest also bears responsibility for ensuring the proper use of the apartment’s furnishings and for preserving the establishment’s condition – including the staircase and the courtyard sauna – and for compensating any damages.

It is forbidden to rearrange the apartments, and to take your furnishings and equipment, including towels, blankets, bedsheets, kitchen appliances, tools, and cutlery out of the apartment!

We will inspect the rooms upon arrival and departure, and in the event of any damage, we will charge the guest on the spot for the costs!

Guests using the shared equipment and furnishings of the apartment have a shared liability for any damage due to improper use.

Upon departure, the Guest must hand over the apartment keys to the service provider. If this is not done, or if the keys are lost or destroyed, the costs will be charged to the guest on the spot!

The accommodation provider has the right to terminate the accommodation contract with immediate effect in the following cases:

  • if the guest has used the accommodation inappropriately or accepts an unregistered guest or guests at the accommodation
  • if the guest has violated the rules of peaceful coexistance with inconsiderate and inappropriate behavior
  • violates or endangers the property, morality, or physical integrity of other guests
  • if the guest has an infectious disease and needs care during their stay or endangers the health of other guests

Obligations of the Accommodation Provider

The Service Provider is obliged to provide the accommodation and other services agreed upon based on the contract and in accordance with the applicable regulations and service standards.

Investigating the Guest’s written complaint and taking the necessary steps to deal with the problem, recording them in writing.

The Guest must immediately report any damage to the accommodation provider or to the contact person of the accommodation, and must provide the accommodation with all the necessary data, which is necessary to clarify the circumstances of the damage or to record a police report/police procedure.

Rights of the Contracting Party

Pursuant to the Agreement, the Guest is entitled to the intended use of the ordered apartment and the facilities of the accommodation, which are included in the standard range of services.

The Guest must contact the Accommodation Provider with any complaints at the phone number provided in the confirmation email or on the website.

The Guest’s right to complaint ceases after leaving the accommodation premises.

Accommodation Provider liability for compensation

The Service Provider does not assume responsibility for damage that occurs due to unavoidable reasons beyond the control of its Guests, or were caused by the Guests themselves. The Service Provider may establish designated spaces in the hotel where the Guest may not enter.

The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for any damage or injury that may occur in such spaces. The Guest must immediately report any incident to the Service Provider and supply all the data necessary to clarify the circumstances of the incident or to possibly intitiate a police report/police procedure. The Service Provider assumes no responsibility for valuables, commercial papers and cash.

The Service Provider is furthermore not responsible for damages due to improper use.

The Service Provider is also not liable for compensation in the event that the use of the Sauna House area is restricted or closed for the duration of performing maintenance activities due to emergency or in compliance with health regulations.

The use of the wellness area of the apartment complex happens at the Guest’s own risk; there is an increased risk of slipping in areas near the water, the Service Provider does not assume responsibility for accidents resulting from this.

The Service Provider is obliged to store lost and found objects for 24 hours, after which they will be destroyed.


  • Guests can use the parking lot of the apartment building free of charge, 1 parking lot per apartment is provided.
  • Guests are directly responsible for the damage caused to the parked cars of other guests.

KRESZ (Highway Code) regulations must be followed in the parking lot. The speed limit is 20 km/h.

Confidentiality, data protection information

The Guest expressly acknowledges that for asset protection reasons, a closed-circuit camera system is operated in the common areas of the accommodation (except for changing rooms and restrooms, but including the car park and the external areas directly belonging to the accommodation), the recordings of which will be deleted based on relevant legal regulations.

While fulfilling the obligations contained in the accommodation contract, the Service Provider is obliged to comply with Art. LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of data of public interest and in accordance with the law and the rules of the provisions of the relevant legislation related to data protection.

In accordance with current data protection legislation, the accommodation provider logs all entries to the building for the purposes of collecting operational proof and ensuring security. A camera system operates in the stairwell of the apartment building and in the closed courtyard, and a video recording is made, on which the Guests may be recorded. The accommodation provider uses the recordings only within the scope of the house’s operation, and destroys them after 30 days after the termination of the contractual relationship. Recordings are only released upon request by the authorities as specified in the related legislation, for the purpose of official use.

 Force majeure

Any reason or circumstance (for example; war, fire, flood, weather conditions, power outage, strike) over which the contracting parties have no control (vis majeure), absolves either party from fulfilling their obligations arising from the Contract, as long as this reason or circumstance exists.

Applicable legislation in the legal relationship of the parties, court of jurisdiction

The legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Contracting Party is governed by the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code. Any legal dispute arising from the service contract shall be settled by the court with jurisdiction over the area of the location of service.

The Contracting Party has familiarized themselves with the General Terms and Conditions and the Data Protection Rules contained therein as well as the House Rules when signing the registration form, and agrees to and accepts to be bound by the obligations specified in these documents.

We wish all our guests a great time!

PONTjó Apartman